An Update…. and plan for my blog…

So….   I haven’t blogged in this blog (that currently no one reads) for a really long time…..   Lots has happened since I last wrote….     I have found new and wonderful partner,  acquired some more children who I did not give birth to, and who live with us only half of the time.   And….    looking back at my posts,  I feel I have dug myself out of that deep dark hole I was in  (actually….   my wonderful partner may have pulled me out).

So I was considering giving up on my blog for various reasons.   I have a lot less lonely time in the evenings. Since I am no longer in a deep dark hole, I don’t need to write as a way to cope and try to climb out.    I’m pretty sure my partner would have reservations about me writing personal stories about our family online for all the world to see.  And I have been immersing myself in so many parenting blogs- I just don’t feel that I have anything new or different to offer.

However, reading so many parenting books and blogs…..    what I do feel is missing, and that I could offer,  is a bit of reviewing and comparing….    do Lori Petro and Dr Shefali stand for basically the same thing?   What are their different focuses?   Are there fundamental differences?  What about Laura Markham from AHA Parenting?  What about L.R.Knost?    How do Steve Bidulf’s principals compare to typical peaceful and conscious parenting principals.  (Please excuse any spelling errors in names here….  I will get around to looking them up)   I would like to sort of put it all together…    I feel that others would maybe appreciate that too…    and being somewhat of an academic, I feel that I am the person for the job 🙂

Stay tuned!!!
But don’t hold your breath…..    did I mention that I’m very busy these days?


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