So following my recent post ‘believing in myself,’  I’ve been thinking about the importance of focusing on the things that I’m getting right as a parent.  The parenting moments that I am proud of.  The things that make me feel good about myself as a parent.

My children’s daily tears, whinges, whines and accusations, they all feel like attacks on my parenting.  Deep down, I know that they are just kids being kids.  But in the moment, in order for me to see it for what it really is, and not take it as a personal attack, I need to have a strong store of feelings of awesomeness…   confidence that I really am an awesome parent.

So perhaps in this blog,  rather than writing at length about things that have been going wrong, I should be writing about things that are going right.  Just as a parent should try to praise a child as often as possible, focus on his good qualities, and try to catch him doing the right thing, we as parents should use this same philosophy on ourselves, and focus on the things we are doing well, rather than beating ourselves up over every little hang up.

One of the most important quotes I came across while studying educations was ‘success breeds success.’  I need to remind myself of the things that make me a good parent.  And celebrate small achievements in the areas that I am not so good at.   And then just maybe my positivity and confidence will increase my awesomeness as a mother.  😀

So on that note….   something positive about me as a mother:

The thing that makes me feel the most proud as a mum, is the opportunities for child-led play and creativity.  When I see the kids (sometimes nieces and nephews as well as my kids) making cubby-forts, putting together outfits from the random clothes and costumes from the  dress up box, climbing trees, digging out ‘lakes,’ going on adventures outside, making their own gadgets out of broken odds and ends from his ‘bits and pieces’ drawer, I get this overwhelming sense of joy, pride and satisfaction.  I feel like this is exactly what childhood should be like.  I know I can’t really take credit for how my children play, but I do severely limit screen time, which allows more time for play and creativity.  And I also keep toys/things that foster creativity: a bag full of old sheets and scarves to make cubbys;  a drawer full of broken odds and ends and ‘bits and pieces’ for my son to get creative with; and the dress up box….   And I encourage that sort of play…..



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  1. Ok, so I’m in need of a bit of a confidence and positivity boost right now.

    So here is a list of things that make me feel good as a mum

    -I help my son with his homework, and try to extend his learning and embrace teachable moments where ever I can.
    -In the evenings before bed, we now have a routine where we pick a book (usually a chapter book) and we take turns at reading (a page or two then we swap over)
    -We have a ‘question jar’ at the kitchen table, and every night at dinner my son enjoys us each taking out a question to ask each other.
    -As I said in this post, I encourage my children in free and creative play. As I type this I am staring at an epic cubby house built by my son and nephew, with sheets for a ceiling and multiple rooms…
    -I cook with my kids (sometimes more successfully than others…. )
    -I talk to my kids about new ideas and things I’m working on: house keeping; home improvements; routine; cooking; recycling; making things from scratch like yoghurt and bread….
    -I’m starting to celebrate small acheivements in the chaos and disorganised-ness. Every morning when we get out the door for school, I now congratulate the 3 of us for being out the door (even if we are a little late, or if teeth didn’t get brushed). I’m trying to remember to do this at bed time too…. congratulate the kids for their efforts and achievements through the whole day, and now for being ready for bed.
    -I encourage my kids to be nice to each other and look after each other.
    -I’m getting better at being calm and peaceful myself when helping the kids negotiate problems.
    -I allow my 2 year old daughter (who insists on being independent) to do things for herself…. and now she can even pour breakfast cereal and milk without spilling it.


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