My Purpose

My purpose is not to be productive; my purpose is to love. My purpose is not to gain the approval of onlookers, by meeting standards and expectations…..  my purpose is to raise my children with love. To improve my mothering I must always keep these priorities at the forefront of my mind. Advertisements

a revelation about anxiety

I think that maybe my anxiety is me running away from pain, running away from judgement, running away from life.   I run because I’m so afraid of pain, I’m so afraid of messing up,  I’m so afraid of judgement (from myself and others), and as a result I am almost always anxious…   and…

My Baby

I just want to say to start off, ‘re-wiring my brain part 2’ is coming.  (Because I know all my non-existent readers are waiting with anticipation.  I started last night, and will finish it soon…  but today I want to write about something else…. My beautiful son….  he is 7.  And his sister is 2….

Re-Wiring My Brain

So, the other day I was feeling really frustrated that despite trying so hard to be a gentle parent, I just can’t seem to do it.  I wake up with determination to give gentle guidance and make meaningful connections to build self esteem and strengthen our relationship.  But every day it happens, I feel tired,…