Just do it…

(I feel I should note here that I am going through my drafts folder and trying to finish off unfinished blog posts.  So if any of my non-existent readers happens to be wondering why I’m posting so many different posts on such varied topics, all at the same time, that is why.   I have 23 posts in my drafts folder, and this is one of them.)


I’ve been reading some blogs and websites recently about getting your house under control,  and one of the key messages I’ve found is that you need to just-do-it rather than trying to figure out the perfect system first.   Forget about working out a system and just do what needs to be done. now.  Chances are eventually a  system will naturally fall into place. They emphasise that having a perfect system is not the secret of a well kept house.   It’s the actually doing it part.  A perfect system is useless if you don’t actually do it.  House keeping is not a one-time project, where you work out perfect system, put the perfect system in place, and then-end of story, your house will be in order forever more. It’s about habits and routines that just have to be done, over and over again.  I know to most people this probably all sounds very obvious, but for people like me (and the audiences of those blogs) whose brains try to turn everything into a project, this is invaluable wisdom.

But now I’m starting to think about how this kind of thinking can also be applied to parenting….   I think sometimes I obsess too much over parenting blogs (including my own) and trying to find the perfect method that is going to be just right for me and my kids, and then every thing will be so much better and easier.   And when things go wrong,  perhaps I subconsciously use it as an excuse, ‘I haven’t worked out how to do this right yet, that’s why everything is going wrong…   but its ok if I screw up now, because really soon I’m going to work out the perfect method, and then everything will be ok. ‘

Rather than thinking ‘wow,  I really need to get stuck into  working out how to do this right,’ I should be thinking more in terms of, just doing the very best I can do right now, with the knowledge and wisdom that I have.  It may not be perfect.  But its going to have to be good enough, because this is right now.   I won’t ever have another chance at right now.

And overtime, after doing the very best that I can, right now, over and over again….   I might find that I have somewhat of a consistent and half decent parenting and discipline style.  🙂




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