This Feeling

what is this feeling?  It’s not happy, but its not sad….   maybe discontented….   glass half full….   just not there yet.   I’m just, still not where I want to be.  I’m not really sure anymore where I do want to be.

Its a feeling of dissatisfaction and unmet needs.  But I have no idea what those needs are or how to meet them.  I scroll through my facebook newsfeed looking for inspiration…  something that might fill the hole….  but I just get frustrated as I scroll through and realise that obviously nothing in my newsfeed will fill that empty hole.

The kids are in bed and its time for my (very limited) me-time.  I could watch some Japanese Drama…  and then feel like I wasted my precious me time on TV.  Or I could do something more productive/creative, and then feel hard done by because I didn’t get a chance to chill out.

I think I’ll try meditating….

I have a strong feeling there will be tears…   I can feel them already…..


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