Another Rambly Train of Thought


Am I stuck in this crazy cycle because of my past trauma of being in an emotionally abusive relationship.  So when my son is disrespectful and demanding ….   I automatically take on an angry defensive role, rather than a teaching and mothering role.


I can surely fix this if I met perceived threats with a determination to be loving and kind……..     Often I did this with my ex husband….   I just made a decision to be kind even though he was being a jerk.   But I didn’t do that all the time, I couldn’t have done it all the time.

I feel like time is running out for me to save my son……..   I need to be a better parent to him now.  It can’t wait.

I just need to relax….  and not freak out.  I need confidence that I am doing ok.  and my son is doing ok.

And possibly the most important thing…  I need to get enough sleep…   so on that note, I’m going to bed!



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