Rewarding Myself

I recently read a blog post about ways you can reward yourself without eating or shopping.

And, although there were no earth shattering revelations or information in this post, I feel like it has helped me to turn around my thinking in a life-changing way.   (Or, you know, it could just be a little phase I go through, who knows.)

I, like the author of the blog, often feel like I need to treat myself, life is so hard and stressful and confusing and tiring, and I just need a little something.   I sit down and have a biscuit or chocolate or something. I have another coffee.  I sit down and check facebook for the millionth time.  I go over to mum’s coz I can’t handle my own place

But I never really feel much better after these little ‘treats.’

This blog post suggested some alternative ways of rewarding yourself….  many of them I generally think of as chores or basic self care.  Like:

-Brushing/doing  my hair

-having a shower

-giving myself a manicure or pedicure

-changing sheets on the bed.

But why can’t these activities be rewards.  They would make me feel much better about myself than eating a biscuit or aimlessly scrolling through facebook!

Then I started thinking of other things that I could think of as rewards…  when I just need a little something. …

-clearing and wiping the bench

-washing a small load of dishes

-taking the rubbish out

-watering the garden

-arranging the cushions on the couch

-sweeping the floor? (is this going too far?, vacuuming?)

-shining the mirror and basin in the bathroom

-Heck even giving the toilet a little swish could be considered a reward… (maybe)

I know this sounds a little crazy…   like I’m just listing all housework as rewards rather than chores….   But the thing is, you do feel good after doing these things… ESPECIALLY if you did it not because you felt that you HAD to….  but just because.  Which makes me ponder,  how much would my life turn around, if I started doing all these little chores, not because I felt that I had to do them and if I didn’t I would be falling behind and failing as a home-maker.  What if I did them because I knew they made me feel good, and I needed a little pick me up.

This may not last very long.  But I’m going to give it a really good go!!

I will keep you posted!

Time for bed now

(that’s another reward – going to bed early )







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