16/3/16 Reflection

Good Stuff

-Had only 1 very weak coffee, and didn’t really crave it

-Got a load of washing done, and hung up, and managed to race it all inside when it started raining

-I cooked a quick stir fry during the day, so that we could have dinner straight away, with minimal effort after my son’s dance class  (this way I was able to go with him to the class too, rather than just sending him with mum).   I feel generally like I’m getting a bit more organised and in control of the basic stuff, which makes me less frazzled all the time and a bit more relaxed….   which in turn makes it easier for me to be a more patient and peaceful parent

-I mostly remained peaceful, and also tried to be a bit firmer about things that needed to be done.  Like getting ready for school and bed.

-I’ve introduced firmer rules around bedtime and explained them to my son:  In bed by 8.   I will read/snuggle/chat with him till 8:15 (ideally we start reading time earlier than 8!).  Then if he wants to continue reading by himself, he can do that (in his bed) until 8:30.  At 8:30 the lights must be out.

to improve our bedtime routine, I should try to be more organised getting my 2 yo daughter  to bed, so that I can prompt and encourage my son in his efforts to get ready for bed, and be ready for some reading together, to give him motivation to be ready earlier.


Not So Good Stuff

-When I was in the middle of doing a mad dash to get the washing inside before the rain, my son tried to ask me a question and was being really impatient about it.  I was working hard to stay calm and in conrtol, and  I tried to explain to him that I was in the middle of doing something urgent, and can he ‘not be so rude’ about it.  I felt it was wrong immediately after I said it, those words are somewhat shaming, and hearing them would have discouraged him.  I’m still trying to work out how I should have dealt with that….    I don’t think I should have let it go, but those words weren’t right either.

Let me try again.

“Look at what I’m doing …….  Just give me a minute OK”

Then if he waited politely after that I would have complimented him.   If not,  I would try again “Did you see what I was doing?   Was it something that I had to do straight away?  Was your question very urgent?  Do you know, that the tone of voice you used  didn’t make me feel very good.   How would you feel if ………….


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