Peaceful Parenting

Over the last 4 months I’ve stumbled into the blogoshpere of Peaceful Parenting.  I’ve always followed parenting blogs, and read parenting books, but its only recently that I’ve really been exposed to the peaceful parenting approach (I actually feel a little guilty that I didn’t go looking for more peaceful approaches…  I could have really used this insights years ago!! I also feel like it should have just been common sense! And I should just parent that way naturally…. but anyway…)   One blog led to another and another…….    and it all makes such perfect sense.  And although I struggle with yelling and keeping myself together…   I feel like I’m ready to turn a corner and peaceful parenting is really more my true parenting style….   me yelling and falling apart is me fumbling along not being able to properly execute or make the more mainstream methods of parenting work.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of Peaceful Parenting in this post (perhaps later I’ll do a thorough summary and analysis)  but for now,  if any of my lovely non-existent readers are interested, here are some of the blogs I have come across.

Teach Through Love

1 Awesome Dad

A Fine Parent


The peaceful parenting approach makes so much sense that I feel ashamed…   ashamed that I don’t seem to just parent like that naturally, ashamed that I had to be told.


(I actually drafted the above post a couple of weeks ago but never got around to finalising it and posting it.   I’m posting it now (without really finishing it) because I am about to write a more in depth post about my struggles and successes with peaceful parenting.)


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