14/3/16 Reflection

Good Stuff 

-still weaning myself off coffee

-At several points when my kids asked me to do something with them, I decided to just go with it and enjoy it, rather than fretting about the dishes that I could be washing or the floor that I could be sweeping.  And I’m thinking of it more as a reward for me too, rather than just something that I am doing for them.  Like, when I go over to mums because I just want to chat and chill out.  Or when I have coffee with a friend because I want to feel connected to someone.  Wake Up!!! I have two little people right in front of me who can serve that purpose!  I think need to remind myself, that just because they are my work, doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy their company, and get my dose of laughs, fun and connectedness by being with them!

-I made dinner ahead of time so that I could hang out with my son more after school.

-Putting compost into the garden bed became a fun family activity

-I’m working on really listening to, and taking an interest in my son’s ideas

-I worked hard at being a rock.   I stayed calm and responded politely when my son spoke to me rudely.


Not so good stuff 

-I yelled over something petty pretty much first thing after my son woke up.

-I didn’t find time to exercise

-I still feel I want to connect more with my son……    perhaps some tickle fights tomorrow?


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