Plan to get back on Track

1-Start measuring coffee granules and slowly, slowly wean myself off

2-Start stretching and exercising daily (make it a fun thing with the kids)

3- Get into a consistent daily laundry routine

4-Start-up daily parenting reflections again (so that I am holding myself accountable)

5-Make connecting and enjoying my children a priority.  I should be able to relax and enjoy this time (as I let go of to-do lists and other stressors and just hang out with the people I love most).   I should see it as a way of filling up my own love tank.  Like how I take time out of my busy routine to have coffee with a friend and just chill.   I can just chill with my kids too.  But also, it should fill up my ‘productivity tank’ (yes- I just made that up)  because connecting with my kids is the biggest thing on my to-do list. It really should be a win, win, win, but I think I need to psychologically make that connection, and tell myself, that I can just let go and relax and enjoy them,  but at the same time I should feel good that I am doing the really important stuff in life.  Its hard to explain.  Its like I need to give my brain permission to relax with my kids.  And make sure my brain knows that that is the most productive and important thing that I could possibly be doing.


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