I write therefore I am

Seriously…    I still have no readers…  HEEELLLOOOOO!!!  Is there anybody out there???

I just feel like writing tonight, even though I don’t really have anything in particular to say.  And even though I have several unfinished posts waiting to be finished….   that just seems like too much work….  so here I am writing about nothing…   I don’t suppose my readers will mind,  seeing as I don’t have any.

Sometimes I feel kind of invisible…..

I find it hard to articulate things…   and as a result…   I feel like maybe I don’t actually have any thoughts in my head.  And that scares me….   because being an introvert (INFP apparently)  pretty much my whole existence is in my head.   So if I don’t have any thoughts in my head…  I pretty much don’t exist.

And so I felt the need to write….   to create thoughts with words just to prove to myself that I do have thoughts…  and therefore I do exist.

And  now I am so incredibly tired that I must go to bed.  Perhaps a good night’s sleep will make the thoughts and words come more easily!!



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