2 simple solutions to problems

Instead of my usual parenting reflections, today I’m going to write about a couple of random ideas I had today, that I think should make life easier for me.

1 -Involve the kids more in cooking (and thus find more time to cook!!)

I pride myself in being very frugal.  I’m not an amazing cook or anything, but I try to make things myself instead of buying ready-made meals, snacks and treats.   On my fridge there is a list of meals, snacks and treats based on ingredients that I already have, that I plan to make sometime in the near future.  But aside from the meals for dinner, I just never seem to get around to making all the other stuff.  Date and choco-tella cookies, tuna and brown rice rissoles, and cheezy milk kefir and spinach pancakes, for example.   These things have all been on my to-cook-list for weeks.  And we have no snacks to eat!  I get hungry (and so do the kids…)  and its hard to find stuff to give them.

I know a lot of people, for whom cooking just seems to be like breathing, they just do it effortlessly (and continuously) without thinking. Unfortunately I am not one of those people.   But I do need to cook more (or else give in and  buy more ready-made stuff).  In order to find time to cook more, without sacrificing time with my kids,  its a logical solution to involve them more in cooking.  Miss2 is at an age now where she is interested in the process of cooking, and can at least pretend she’s helping, and Mr7 is at an age where he can actually help.  So, in theory it should work really well, it should be a good way for us all to spend time together, and learn and chat together.   I almost feel silly blogging about something that should be obvious, and that I should have been doing all along.  I guess with the kids around, it just always seems to hard.  But from now, I pledge to be brave, and just do it.   Just start cooking, and if the kids start harassing me, involve them, find ways for them to help.

2-When I’ve got the kids all dressed and ready for an outing with their Daddy, and their is nothing left to do but wait (and we never really know how long we will have to wait…)  take the opportunity to sit on the couch and read to the kids.

It’s always a weird time, my ex has told me that he’s coming to take the kids out very soon (specific times just don’t work for him) so I run around making sure they’re all dressed and ready, and I pack a bag of water, nappies, jackets etc.  And then…..   we wait.  The kids are all psyched up ready to go, and I have no idea how long he’s going to be.  If I let them go off and do their own thing,  there’s a high chance that they will somehow have un-ready-ed  themselves….

And on a completely different subject, I’m always getting frustrated, that I don’t read with the kids as often as I want to.  I try to read with Mr7 in the time between when Miss2 goes to sleep, and when he has to go to bed, but with homework, and outings and everything else, we’re lucky if we get time.   And I try to remember to read with Miss2 during the day, but that doesn’t always happen either.  So, bring these two problems together, and we have a perfect solution.



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