Daily Parenting Reflections 23/11/15

I’m going to do a super quick reflection today, because it has been forever since I have just watched some tv and totally chilled out (not that blogging isn’t fun…  )

I’ve been feeling pretty down the past week or two, and today was pretty much the same.  In the afternoon I was just feeling so over it, I contemplated heading over to mums (at least there’s air-con there).  But then I thought about how that’s not really going to change or fix anything…   I might feel momentarily more relaxed.  But the kids still need to be fed, and bathed and paid attention to.  In many ways its easier to just do all that here.   And then I sort of looked around and realised everything is ok.  And I decided, I just have to stop.   I have to stop being miserable.   I have to stop focusing on all the difficult and heartbreaking parts of my life, and the dreariness of the day to day stuff.   And focus on the good stuff.  Because there is plenty of good stuff.  Without meaning to get all religious…  if I woke up each day and thought of that day as a gift – I would realise that I am blessed with two lovely children, a nice place to live, supportive family and friends and endless opportunities and choices…

Things that went well

-Spoke to Mr7 about talking nicely to me (and people and general)  when he spoke to me in rude tones.   I said to him.  We’re friends aren’t we?  Can you talk to me in a friendly way? Then I added, that I was his mother and I loved him as my son no matter what, but it would be really nice if we can be friends too.  (I guess I should have demanded respect as his mother….    but I think it was good for him to think about how the way he talks and behaves influences his relationships with other people.  And he will have more friends if he talks nicely and is nice to people.)

-Remembering to keep the love in my voice even when I’m speaking firmly or correcting behaviour

-We have been keeping on top of our 5 minute pick-up sessions, and the lounge room looks amazing (by my relatively low standards)  and it makes me feel good.


Things that didn’t go so well

-I got quite cross and annoyed with Mr7, when we were about to head out the door to go to school (running late) and then I discovered he had hardly eaten any of the breakfast I’d served him.




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