Daily Parenting Reflections 22/11/15

Things that went well…  

  • My kids are playing with each other more…  its so lovely.
  • Did a 5 minute, before lunch pick-up of the living areas and again had a job pile for each kid.  This system seems to be working well, and its a good way to actually teach Miss2 about putting things away and where things go.  A little pick up in the middle of the day makes such a huge difference to the overall feeling of the house too….   I was getting really depressed about the mess but it only took 5 minutes to pack up!   I tend to get down, knowing that I’ve just tidied it- and its a disaster again…    and I just feel like it’s so pointless and I’m so over it.   So to combat this problem,  I’m trying to think of the regular 5 minute pick ups not as a task in which the goal is to have a tidy house, but simply to exercise.   Reaching, squatting, running around from room to room.  Its exercise.   You can never get too much exercise.   It’s just  a bonus that my house is momentarily tidy right after I’ve exercised.
  • Sex talk-  I gave my son a bit of a sex talk today.  This is good and bad…  not really sure how well it went, or what he’s really taken from it.   I didn’t actually mean for it to be ‘a talk’  like a lecure-y speech.   I planned to just casually discuss and give information as it came up in conversation.   But I’ve been thinking for a while about the importance of educating kids about sex and protecting them from sex abuse (the more they understand, the less likely they are to become victims), then it sort of came up, and there was just so much I wanted to say.   I just hope I haven’t made it out to be a scary, creepy, yucky topic that he doesn’t really want to talk about with me.   Because I still have lots I want to say and discuss with him.  hmm…. I just hope there are more opportunities for it to just come up naturally in conversation, and I can just give little bits of info/ words of wisdom out at a time.


Things that didn’t go so well.. 

  • Connecting- did I connect more today?  Maybe a little…   I did stop and just chill out with them a couple of times. And there was the talk.   I think I can still do better.   When I’m expecting people to visit/pop by I find it hard to relax….   I stress about all the mess everywhere and potter around trying to clean it up.    Should I just not have people over??
  • I’ve been pretty tired lately, and should work on going to bed at a reasonable hour
  • More melt-downs and rudeness from Mr7.  I think I dealt with it pretty well today, but I’m concerned that it is happening so frequently and it is so extreme.    At one point I sent him to his room, and I suggested he cuddle a toy.   He didn’t do it….    but perhaps building up his skills to defuse strong emotions is something to work on.  I should send him to another room, suggest that he cuddle a toy, stomp his feet, cry into a pillow, until he’s ready come back out and talk nicely to people.   I also need to discuss these strategies with him before he has a melt down.

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